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East Fork Pottery

Pushing the Shopify platform to its limits to create a smooth and playful experience.


Portland Transporation System Plan

Design & Development of public policy & GIS data presenting the City of Portlands plans for 20 years of public works development. The project has a back end that generates searchable, performant web content from canonical .docx files, as well as presenting an application for exploring GIS data.


Joseki Party

The simplest game of _Baduk_, _Weiqi_, or _Go_ this side of the internet. Start a game of Go, and play with a friend simply by sending them a link. Invite people to witness your victory – or humiliating defeat depending on how good your friend is.


Node ArcGIS

An API that explored bringing the ArcGIS REST API to Node and NPM.


Calcite Web

A framework that addresses common design problems and interactive elements for Esri, creating a united visual language and user experience.


ArcGIS for Developers

A fully developer-facing experience for the ArcGIS Platform, including marketing messaging, documentation, platform management, and online tools to enable a a developer to get the most out of the ArcGIS platform.


ArcGIS Online

Designing, prototyping, and developing the web platform for the worlds leading GIS software.


Viewport Grid

A view port based CSS grid system that defines column widths as a set percentage of the screen rather the width of a container.