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Node ArcGIS


With this project, I was attempting to create a centralized code base for common platform interactions — reducing duplicated code and allowing a greater sharing of resources across different development teams at Esri.

Esri product developers around the globe were recreating the same solutions to common problems in the context of their applications. Node ArcGIS reduces duplicated code and allows a greater sharing of time and resources across teams, and opens solutions to the open-source community. Node ArcGIS is an API that adheres to contemporary specs, acting a buffer between NodeJS workflows and the older, highly stable, ArcGIS REST API. Node ArcGIS brings the power of the ArcGIS platform to the largest and fastest growing language and package manager - Node JS and NPM.

Node Arcgis Documentation

The project allows for developers on widely different projects and teams work together to solve common problems, and opens those solutions to the broader open-source community. Node ArcGIS is also a fast-moving, agile API front that adheres to contemporary API specs, acting a buffer between what Node developers expect from an API and the older, stable, but slow-moving ArcGIS REST API.

Read the in-depth introduction to the project with code samples for a a full run-down of what designing a project like this is all about.

Update from 2018

Two of my favorite developers, John Gravois and Patrick Arlt, took this idea all the way home with their excellent ArcGIS REST JS project!