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Projects; July 2023

Over six months, I've accomplished some things, iced other things, lived, laughed, and learned.

This is an update on the notes about interesting projects from December.

Thing Done

  1. Wrap up the functional prototype for the Stucco TL™ project.
  2. Convert FormBody objects to triples with RDF-KV.js.
  3. Create a little service product that acts as a JSON-LD DBaaS w GraphQL and REST SPARQL endpoints.
  4. RDF-based analytics collection tools and robust data-science analysis of the resultant data.
  5. A Sveltekit + Triplestore startup skeleton.

Thing In Progress

Right now I’m expanding the RDF/Svelte boilerplate application. I hoping to make this clear enough that it can be used by other people for their projects.

Up Next

  1. Write a more robust version of my introduction to RDF from the explicit perspective of web development.
  2. Write a specification and design document for the Stucco TL™ project.
  3. Write the code for the basic structure of the Stucco TL™ project.
  4. Standardized Svelte components I use often in the Shipyard project.

Still Interesting, Not Actively Doing

Other projects are still interesting to me, but are going to need to happen farther in the future than the next 6 months. They may get pulled form this list at some point, but they still spark joy today.

  1. Set up this site as an ActivityPub client.
  2. Write some small tools for publishing & consuming ActivityPub content to a triplestore.
  3. Write a vocabulary for Digital Gardening.
  4. Write code & prose for the large-ish Tables, Documents, and Graphs essay.
  5. Write a decent little CLI tools for rdf data transformation in Node.js. Or Rust!
  6. A Reader app for consuming RSS, email newsletters, ActivityPub, Twitter, Reddit, whatever.
  7. Write some Digital Garden consumer apps.
  8. Write about that process in Digital Gardening with Open Standards.

Wont Do

A few ideas are just not gonna happen. These ended up either not being interesting ideas, work I just didn’t – want to do, or unnecessary given how the tech climate shifted over the past few months.

  1. A GraphQL to SPARQL converter; I don’t want to get anywhere near GraphQL.
  2. Generate GraphQL schema sdl files from a JSON-LD context; see above.
  3. Create a docker container that is a tiny mastodon—alike instances as a service; this is being done well, I don’t need to do it.
  4. Body-less CMS; this is basically Stucco.