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There’s a big difference between having smart, reusable patterns at your disposal and creating a dictatorial culture designed to enforce conformity and swat down anyone coloring outside the lines.

Frost is responding to the concert that design systems can enforce a Taylorist dehumanization of our work, but that they only do this as a reflection of existing organizational principles.

Working with other leaders in the design systems world, Frost suggests that design systems should be boring – that is they should primarily focus on the parts of the process that are foundational and allow of the team to do spend time on the interesting problems.

Not having to reinvent things from scratch every time you need something is generally a good idea.

The work that we do under the system of ‘Agile’ is part of the organization structure that pushes for Taylorized dehumanization of web development. Our systems that we build have the ability to either support individual expression and humanity, or to suppress it. The difference between these outcomes is the broader system underlying our approaches to work.