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Nikolas Wise

I am a web developer, artist, and front-end system architect. For over 10 years, I have worked on web applications, design systems, and customer facing web experiences with fine artists, design studios, and technology companies. From marketing campaigns to commerce storefronts, client libraries and flagship products, I work to explore the edges of what's possible.

I currently work at Vox Media with the Editorial Tools team.

Over the past decade I have worked for or along side; University of Oregon, the Erb Memorial Union, Keith Achepohl, Mathew Dickman, Margot Voorhies Thompson, Catherine Woodard MBSATA, Nathan Landau, SmugMug, the Flickr Foundation, Fuzzco, Andy Baio, Eric Mortensen, Triana Thompson, Toba Capital, Hansel from Basel, Evidation, Aaron Bloom, Eastfork Pottery, Michal Pechardo, Paul Pederson, Amber Case, We Love Words, Emmanuel Turlay, Michael Woolworth, Esri, Portland Bureau of Transportation, Read This Summer, lone goose press, Diana Markosian, Tricia Leach, Liz Banach, Morgan Rosskopf, Megan Snelton, PICA, and the Bezos Family Foundation.

I am trying to build a cozyweb based on RDF with Nim.