Nikolas Wise

Portland Transporation System Plan

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Design & Development of public policy & GIS data presenting the City of Portlands plans for 20 years of public works development. The project has a back end that generates searchable, performant web content from canonical .docx files, as well as presenting an application for exploring GIS data.


The Portland Transportation System Plan has traditionally lived in huge, printed binders. These binders were the primary reference for anyone looking to learn more about the plan, and the future of Portland's urban transportation.

With this project, we've translated those paper documents into a format that not only is searchable and usable to the public, but also can be correlated and refenced to the city's GIS data around specific projects and street classifications.


The bulk of the text is technically a legal document — adopted by City Council. To protect the status and content of this document, I developed a system of transalting the content form the canonical .DOCX format, through Markdown and to HTML. This means all this project needs to do is act as a presentational layer.


The document is broken up through chapters, sections, and subsections which are able to programatically surface as an index.


The entire document is also searchable, leading to less time spent scrolling around (or flipping through binders) looking for one particular reference.


PBOT maintains a large amount of GIS data regarding the plans and projects laid out in the TSP. Similar to the canonical text, this project is simply accessing the data the cities GIS and presenting it in conjunction with the text of the document.


The cartography and data records are managed and maintained through existing city workflows and processes.


We are also able to create links between the sometimes cryptic GIS data and the sections of text that explain them more fully. Here, we can see a link between a street classification and it's definition.