Nikolas Wise

East Fork Pottery

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Pushing the Shopify platform to its limits to create a smooth and playful experience, learning about Shopifys gotchas, and figuring out the best way to handle the relationship between the client side and the Ruby severs.


East Fork is a small homewares and pottery company in Asheville, North Carolina. This project was a major overhaul of their ecommerce to get them off of Squarespace and on to Shopify.


The product grid uses CSS Grid to create an editorial feel. The logo animates as the user scrolls, changing letterforms into pottery and playing in to their tagline "East Fork is a Vessel".

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The products focus on simplicity, storytelling, and playfulness.


Interactions between the server-side rendering of initial pages and enabling a smooth, contemporary client side experience where major considerations with this project. Enabling page transisitions and responsive interactions around adding products to the cart keeps the site feeling crisp and buttery.


Large, bold typograhy works with bright & playful photography to create a contempory feeling for the sites editorials. These stories are sprinkled through the site.

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East Fork releases seasonal, limited edition glazes. We designed a system of full page color backgrounds that they can coordinate with each release.