I am a Creative Technologist and Developer with a background in design and the fine arts. Over the past 9 years I've excelled in R&D environments and creative studios.

I'm currently seeking a role as a Lead Developer as part of a team of driven, thoughtful, and kind humans. If you think I would be a good fit for your company, or know someone I should talk to, please reach out at studio@nikolas.ws

🔮 My technical skillset includes production experience with contemporary JavaScript frameworks like React, e-commerce development, CSS & Systemic SCSS architecture, semantic HTML, WCAAG and 508 accessibility, web GIS and web mapping tools, development environment automation, Git best practices, Node JS development, headless CMS's, real-time applications, and rapid & flexible prototyping.

🛠️ At Fuzzco I built some awesome ecommerce projects, along with beautiful and experimental front end projects. To facilitate the fast pace of the studio, I built turn-key project scaffolds to solve common development problems.

🚚 I've designed and built systems for building systems, including modernizing and containerizing Dev Ops workflows and introducing and maintaining ergonomic best practices for development teams. These systems reduced project budgets by up to 20% on average.

🏵 Several of the systems I've built are design systems and toolkits. Through typographic, grid layout, and UI pattern systems, I've built projects that allow rapid development of world-class designs.

⚡ With my background in design and visual critique, I have a strong understanding of my colleagues on design teams. I value working closely with designers, and helping developers open up possibilities to the design process.

💪 I've mentored developers in my community, and teach workshops to students at the University of Oregon. I've given talks to conferences and classroom. I'm really proud of the team of two talented developers I built at Fuzzco, and value mentorship as a guiding principle of my career.

🔭 I'm looking for a new team that values multidisciplinary collaboration, and the value that thoughtful design can bring to ethical technology. My ideal team is diverse, passionate, and understands the value of a work/life balance.

💼 My portfolio: http://nikolas.ws/

📋 My CV: http://nikolas.ws/cv/

Hope to talk to you soon,