Nikolas Wise is a creative technologist, designer, and developer who specializes in design critique, systems thinking, and the interaction between classical techniques and contemporary technology.

Over the past 10 years, he has worked with fine artists, design studios, and the R&D wings of technology companies to explore the edges of what's possible. He is currently the Principal Developer for the Marketing team at SmugMug & Flickr.

Selected Projects

East Fork Pottery

Pushing the Shopify platform to its limits to create a smooth and playful experience, learning about Shopifys gotchas, and figuring out the best way to handle the relationship between the client side and the Ruby severs.

Portland Transporation System Plan

Design & Development of public policy & GIS data presenting the City of Portlands plans for 20 years of public works development. The project has a back end that generates searchable, performant web content from canonical .docx files, as well as presenting an application for exploring GIS data.

Joseki Party

The simplest game of Baduk, Weiqi, or Go this side of the internet. Start a game of Go, and play with a friend simply by sending them a link. Invite people to witness your victory – or humiliating defeat depending on how good your friend is.

Node ArcGIS

An API that explored bringing the ArcGIS REST API to Node and NPM.

Calcite Web

A framework that addresses common design problems and interactive elements for Esri, creating a united visual language and user experience.

ArcGIS for Developers

A fully developer-facing experience for the ArcGIS Platform, including marketing messaging, documentation, platform management, and online tools to enable a a developer to get the most out of the ArcGIS platform.

ArcGIS Online

Designing, prototyping, and developing the web platform for the worlds leading GIS software.

Viewport Grid

A view port based CSS grid system that defines column widths as a set percentage of the screen rather the width of a container.

At the Mountains of Madness

An exercise in digital publishing, this edition of At the Mountains of Madness by H.P. Lovecraft is a free, open, public domain text. Created as a high-end, web-native publication in response to a personal desire the read the text online, and being unable to find a version that did the original physical publication any justice.

Coffee Time

An Android and iOS app designed to manage intra-office coffee debt. Designed the app itself and the accompanying website withPaul Pederson. API and back-end by the wonderful team at Esri PDX.

Selected Essays